The bond is used to insure you will appear at each and every Court hearing until the case is fully resolved. Each crime usually has a standard bond amount that attaches once you are booked into jail. In order to be released from jail, you need to post that bond amount. The more serious the crime, the higher the bond amount. Some crimes (domestic violence battery, violent crimes, sex crimes, and certain drug trafficking crimes) have NO BOND and you must stay in jail until your case is heard by a Judge.

When you are booked in jail, you will be told your bond amount. If you want to get out of jail, you have two options:

  • Option 1: Have a friend or family member (“depositor”) come to Orient Road Jail with the full amount in cash. This is called a “cash bond”. You will be released from jail – although it may take many hours to be processed through the system. If you appear at all court hearings (unless your attorney appears on your behalf), the depositor will get the cash bond returned to them once the case is finished in Court. HOWEVER, if you are found guilty of the crime, the Court may order you to pay court costs out of the posted cash bond amount. If so, the remaining balance will be returned to the depositor.
  • Option 2: You, a friend or family member can hire a bondsman. Typically, the depositor will give the bondsman 10% of the total bond amount (called “the juice”). This “juice” will not be returned to the depositor but is considered the bondsman’s fee. In addition to the “juice”, the depositor will have to come up with collateral equal to the 90% remaining balance. The collateral may be a title to a car, house, jewelry, etc. Once your court case is finished, and you appear at all the court hearings, then the collateral is returned to the depositor. If you fail to appear at the Court hearing, then the collateral can be kept by the bondsman.