Andrew’s philosophy in handling all of his criminal cases is to be proactive and start aggressively working on a case as soon as his client is arrested or when possible, even before an arrest.

A critical stage in the process happens after a client is arrested but BEFORE formal charges are filed by the State Attorney’s Office. During this time, Andrew will speak with the prosecutor assigned to the case. He will provide the prosecutor with information and/or evidence that may not have been available at the time of the arrest. Sometimes, this pre-file action results in charges being dropped or Andrew will have successfully persuaded the prosecutor to file a reduced charge.

If charges are filed, Andrew will focus on identifying key issues, interviewing essential witnesses, and preserving key evidence. Andrew personally reviews all discovery materials from the case including police reports, witness statements, video and photographic evidence, 911 calls, and scientific evidence.

After carefully reviewing all the evidence, Andrew will schedule an in-depth conference with his client to review the facts of the case and the applicable laws. Andrew will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the case, the available defenses and options, and will ultimately give his expert opinion and recommendations on how to proceed.

Only after a full and careful review of the law and all the evidence can Andrew properly advise his clients on what he believes is in their best interests.

For more information about the State criminal process, please check out the FAQs section and our Blog page for related articles.

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