(All client names are being withheld to protect their privacy at their request).

Selecting Andrew Shein to represent our family in resolving our complex legal matters proved to be the best decision we made throughout the entire process. Professional in every sense of the word; expert knowledge; compassionate; readily available; and highly responsive are only a few of the traits we would use to describes Andrew’s representation. Not only did he have an incredible grasp of the legal issues facing us, but his ability to crystallize these issues and challenges in the context of potential alternatives and options allowed us to bring the matter to a fair and equitable close. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome and we fully attribute this to Andrew’s expert representation. – B.S.

In 2010 I was facing serious federal felony charges. Mr. Shein was my attorney. During the most traumatic and confusing times of my life Mr. Shein was a pillar. His advice was paramount to the outcome of my case. Not only is he a phenomenal attorney,I consider him to be friend. – C.E.

Hi All, this is a few words of testimonial of my personal knowledge of the situations, issues, and encounters with an attorney that I was introduced to by my parents. His name is Andrew Shein, whom we have called “Shein” for a number of years. This man has represented my brothers, my husband, my son, and myself. The reason our family trusts him so much is because of his honesty, integrity, and humility. He never sugar coats his intentions or his belief of the outcome of any of our cases. Most of all, his work is diligently done and to the fullest of his potential. The wisdom that he brings to any case is phenomenal and he has kept us all up to speed on every aspect of all cases, decisions, offers, evidence, etc. I believe that our trust runs so deep in this young man is because he has shown great concern for our family’s well being. And his concern is not just spoken; he is genuinely concerned for mankind period. My referrals to Shein are so automatic, because I know the service he provides within his firm is going to be the best you can get. I send everyone that asks about an attorney to him no matter what they are in need of counsel for. That is because I know if it’s something not within his scope of work he has the answer on where they need to go. For some reason, I believe this man knows everything. For that, I am grateful and always glad to have him on my team. 1-800-CALL-SHEIN, not his number, but that’s what’s on my fridge. Thanks for all your hard work and ethics, – V.H.

I couldn’t be happier to have chosen Andrew Shein to represent me in my case. Andrew Shein is extremely knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout my case. He made sure I understood every aspect of my case. Andrew didn’t make a decision without my knowing about it first. If I ever need an attorney to represent me I can count on Andrew Shein’s expertise and professionalism. – C.B.

Following a recent DUI arrest, Mr. Shein assisted me through the complex legal process. He kept me informed and up-to-date throughout the process. He provided sound and practical advice based on the reality of the situation, and mitigated the situation to the extent possible. Mr. Shein managed my case very professionally. – J.E.

Attorney Andrew Shein helped me through one of the darkest times in my life to date. His professional, prompt, attitude and his genuine care and concern not only for my case but for me as well made a very troubling time much easier to cope with. The mutual respect he gets from prosecutors, as well as Judges in the Federal court system is for good reason. Andrew is immensely knowledgeable and uses his experience as a prosecutor to determine the best course of action to prove your innocence, or in certain cases reduce the! negative outcome of your legal process, he also follows up with his clients even after trial. Andrew will strive to take any and all actions to make your outcome as favorable as possible. Over all I would highly recommend Mr. Shein to anyone facing serious criminal charges. – G.F.