Many people today are suffering from an addiction or dependency to either prescription pain pills, marijuana, or other drugs like cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, to name a few. Others are afflicted with being afflicted with the disease of alcoholism and its effects. Sadly, we all know or will know someone who is battling with these substance abuse issues. Those affected come from all socio-economic groups, all races, creeds, religions, and ages. As we have all seen, the effects of these substance abuse additions stretch well beyond just the person using. Rather, the family members, friends, co-workers, and children of those addicted suffer as well. The suffering is physical, mental, emotional, and economic. One’s addiction can also result in incarceration or as we have seen death.

Many will be in for a lifetime of battles and ups and downs to manage their addiction. While others with the right help will be able to “nip the problem in the bud” and handle it before it becomes a lifelong struggle.

I believe the key is to RIGHT NOW get the person in need of services the services they need. For the last 10 years I have worked with many substance abuse and mental health professionals who have provided my clients and their families with a sound a professional evaluation as to their substance abuse and mental health issues. This is the critical first step. Before we can help a person we need to know what the problem(s) is/are. Is it alcohol or drugs, what drugs? When and why does he use? Has he received treatment before? Does he want help? And most importantly, are there other issues; mental health issues that are not being treated and contributing to the substance abuse? Often times a person will “self medicate” with drugs or alcohol to mask or hide other issues that have gone undiagnosed or untreated.

After we diagnosis the problem(s), there are a wide range of in-patient and out-patient drug treatment facilities that are here in the Tampa bay region that provide great treatment to those in need with PROVEN results. Some of these treatment centers are expensive and require a person or their family to pay for the services. However some people’s insurance will cover the costs of the programs. And some of the treatment centers fees are on a sliding scale according to a person’s income. In short, there is a usually a place for anyone in need.

If you, your family or friend is RIGHT NOW struggling, and in need of help, call me. Together we can help those we care about get the help they need.

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