Whether you are seeking a divorce from your spouse or your spouse has filed divorce papers against you, we can help. At The Law Offices of Andrew Shein, P.A., we will sit down with you for a FREE in person confidential consultation during which we will find out the specifics about you and your family. Once we know your specific situation, we can begin the process of outlining and then advocating for your best interests.

Whether your case is an amicable and uncontested divorce or if your case is complex or adversarial, or perhaps your family has certain special circumstances or needs that must be addressed (military issues, pensions, assets, etc.), we have the experience to identify the key issues in your case and we will work tirelessly to advocate for your best interests.

We understand that this time is very stressful. For many, the feeling is heightened by the fear of the unknown – not knowing the legal process, the timeline of events, court hearings, and the fees and costs – will understandably intensify your stress levels. At the Law Offices of Andrew Shein, P.A., we will keep you informed throughout the duration of your case. We will strive to give you the support you need. And, most importantly, we will advocate for you and protect your interests.

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